Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists

Due to Corona measures we have decided to postpone DABIDA exhibition to
October 3rd 2021, which also has consequences for the closing date of the Doll Award.
We hope, because of the extra time, to receive a lot of extra entries.

Hannie Sarris Doll Award 2021

Theme of this year :


We invite you to send your entry for this prestigious Award in 2021. Theme: Reflection.

How to work out this theme is completely up to you, as long as it is a 3-dimensional figure or group of figures.
All media and styles are allowed such as clay, fabric, abstract, realistic etc.
1 entry per person and NO entry fee!
This competition is open for doll makers from all over the world

Requirements the submission must meet :
* Minimum 2 and maximum 4 photos of the artwork of art with an overview shot and a portrait.
* The size off the photos should be 600 x 900 pixels, other formats are not accepted.
* Your name, postal address, email address, phone number including country code.
* Use of materials and size of the artwork.
* A brief explanation, including the artworks name.
* It is not allowed to publish your entry on the internet before the ten best entrees are announced on the website of DABIDA,
this to avoid to influencing the jury. (the jury members are judging the entries anonymous).
* It is important that the entry complies with the theme.
* The entries of the top 3 need to be present at the DABIDA day on october 3rd 2021.

If the entry is not according the requirements, the entry will be disqualified!

!!! ATTENTION !!! NEW CLOSING DATE IS : August 1th 2021.
Send your entry to : info@dabida.eu

All DABIDA artist members will judge the entries on the following criteria:
relation to the theme, expressiveness, originality, personal style, and technique!

Mid-August 2021 all entries will be published on the DABIDA website.
Early September 2021 we will announce the 10 entries which received the most votes from the jury on the DABIDA website.
By the end of September 2021 the 3 best entries will be announced.

The authors of the 3 best entries will be invited to be present on the
DABIDA day, on October 3rd 2021 in het klooster in Nuenen - The Netherlands,
where their entries will be displayed during the exhibition.
If it is not possible to be present at the DABIDA day, the work must be send.
Since the participation is free, costs of shipping (sending including return) are at the expense of the sender.

During the DABIDA day will be the revealing of the winner of the Hannie Sarris Doll Award.
All top 3 entries will receive a certificate with quotations of the jury and a beautiful piece of juwelery.

The top 3 will be featured on the DABIDA website during one year.

We wish you all lots of success!

The 3 winners of the Hannie Sarris Doll Award van 2020 are

(thema "A sense of security, feeling secure")

Mijn moeder en ik
1st place : Monique Aantjes - Nederland/The Netherlands

The Miracle Worker
2th place : Anna Loginova - Rusland/Russia

3th place : Liudmyla Bezusko - Polen/Poland

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